torstaina, toukokuuta 31, 2007

Summer is here

In less than an hour June is finally here! It means that the summer 2007 begins soon. For the first time in years I have a change to spend lovely four weeks holiday in July and August. For the first time I truly believe I've deserved it!

Some pretty nice and amazing things has happened to me already this year. I bought my first own flat in Helsinki, I finished my Bachelor's theses and soon I'll get my Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management. Today I participated the last two obligatory theses-seminar-classes at school - What I need to do next is to write the last essay of the climate change - that will be the last thing to do for my degree. Six years I have studied at Laurea University of Applied Sciences and finally I'm finishing!

I do have some nice planns for the summer how I will reward myself but I won't tell it here :) The right ankle which ligament was insured over three months ago has finally healed now. I am able to jog and run again - the thing I'm gonna do tomorrow morning before going to work. Nice day at work ahead again - better go to bed now.

See you!

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Peter Lech kirjoitti...

Hi Jani!
Congratulations on graduating and have a fun and chill-axing vacation :).

I am here with Johanna and her bro and his family in Manhattan. She says hi!

Looking forward to meeting you in July!


Jani Ryhanen kirjoitti...

Hi! Thanks...I still have 26 days at work before holiday - I'm sure you had a nice time there...

Still things to do before my chill-axing vacation will start ;)

See you soon,